B.Tech Chemical


The Chemical Technology Department is well equipped with laboratories and workshop facilities. The teaching programme emphasizes on chemistry, chemical engineering and technology aspects to make the students suitable for various industries. Curriculum covers various important subjects like Fluid Mechanics, Mass Transfer, Process Heat Transfer and its Applications, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Special Chemical Technologies, Process Equipment Design, Transport Phenomena, Industrial Pollution Control, Process Dynamics and Control, Process Modeling and Simulation etc.



Our mission is to contribute to the local as well as global society through excellence in scientific and technical education, research and extension. Also we strive to serve as a valuable resource for an aspiring individual, industry and especially the local rural society for gaining technical knowledge, availing consultancy facility and to have solutions to the local problems. We being the university department try to create social, ecological and economic environment and stand to strive continuously for excellence in education, research and technological service for the cause of nation-building; We commit to perform not only for academic integrity, accountability to issues of national and global relevance but also for humanism and tolerance; 


  • To generate new knowledge in Chemical Engineering and Technology by engaging in research and to promote academic growth by offering state-of-the-art undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes in the field;
  • To identify, based on genuine perception of regional, Indian and global needs, areas of specialization upon which the department can concentrate.
  • To train students in critical thinking and in the identification, formulation, and solution of open-ended engineering problems and make them leaders in chemical engineering profession;
  • To develop and maintains state-of-the-art undergraduate and post-graduate laboratories and experiments in chemical engineering;


  • To inform students early in their studies of the full range of opportunities available to them;
  • To creates awareness in students of their professional responsibility to the ethical, safe, and environmentally-conscious practices of engineering.
  • To continually review the curricula to assess their relevance in the light of economic, technical, social, and environmental developments, and make adjustments accordingly;

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