B.Tech Chemical


 The Chemical Engineering Department is well equipped with laboratories and workshop facilities. The teaching programme emphasizes on chemistry, chemical engineering and technology aspects to make the students suitable for various industries. Curriculum covers various important subjects like Fluid Mechanics, Mass Transfer, Process Heat Transfer and its Applications, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Special Chemical Technologies, Process Equipment Design, Transport Phenomena, Industrial Pollution Control, Process Dynamics and Control, Process Modeling and Simulation etc.


     To build a strong community of dedicated graduates with expertise in the field of Chemical Engineering suitable for Industrial needs having a sense responsibility, ethics and ready to participate in relevant activities of Regional, National and Global interest      



      1.  To promote a culture to foster the growth of intellectually capable, innovative Chemical Engineers.

      2.  To encourage and promote excellence in Chemical Engineering education, research and extension activities.

      3.  To develop problem solving abilities, communication skills as well as team spirit among serving Chemical Engineering Professionals.

      4.  To inculcate creativity, entrepreneurial ability and awareness for ethical practices among budding chemical engineers.

      5.  To contribute to the growth and development of ‘academia and industry’ to harness it for welfare of the nation and mankind.


Program Educational Objectives(PEOs):

   1. Excellence in Career: To prepare graduates with basic knowledge in chemical engineering and develop our graduates to supervise                             chemical industry practices.

   2. Professional Effectiveness:  To prepare and develop the graduates with high order knowledge in design and construction of process plants.

   3. Continuing Education and Exercising Leadership: To prepare engineering graduates with the highest level of technical competence with                creativity, innovation and leadership skills.

   4 . Contribution to Society: To prepare dedicated graduates for the creation of solutions to address challenges faced by the state, the nation                    and society.

   5. Contribution to healthy and sustainable development: To prepare graduates with ethical and environmentally responsible engineering                    professionals.


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