B.Tech Chemical


Chemical Reaction Engineering

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Laboratory in Charge: Mr. A.B. Madavi

Sr.No Name of the Equipment Funded by
1 Continuous stirred Tank Reactor University Fund
2 Plug Flow Reactor Apparatus University Fund
3 PFR-CSTR Apparatus University Fund
4 CSTR Connected in Series University Fund
5 Adiabatic Batch Reactor Apparatus University Fund
6 Sedimentation (Batch) Apparatus University Fund
7 Packed Bed Reactor TEQIP II
8 Iso thermal Plug flow Reactor TEQIP II
9 RTD study in CSTR TEQIP II
10 Plug flow Tubular Reactor TEQIP II
11 RTD study in Packed bed Reactor TEQIP II
12 Combine flow Reactor TEQIP II

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