B.Tech Chemical

PEOs POs and PSOs
Student Achievements
Faculty Achievements
Teaching Assistant

Sr.No Name of Laboratory Laboratory In Charge
1 Advanced Separation Techniques Mrs. V. S. Mohite
2 Mass Transfer Mr. P. P. Patil
3 Process Fluid Mechanics Mr. S.M. Gaikwad
4 Fundamentals and Applications of Heat Transfer Mr. S.M. Gaikwad
5 Chemical Reaction Engineering Mr. A.B. Madavi
6 Process Instrumentation, Dynamics and Control  Mr. D. M. Nangare
7 Mechanical Operations Mr. B. S. Satvekar
8 Computer Programming Laboratory  Mr. D. M. Nangare
9 Project & Research Laboratory Mr. A.B. Madavi
10 Chemical Engineering Processes Laboratory Mrs. S. P. Dehankar