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Mass Transfer

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Laboratory in Charge:Mr. P. P. Patil

Sr.No. Name of the equipment Funded by
1. Diffusion in still Air Apparatus University Funds
2. Vapour liquid Equilibria Apparatus University Funds
3. Liquid- Liquid Extraction Apparatus University Funds
4. Adsorption in packed column Apparatus with CO2 Cylinder University Funds
5. Atmospheric Tray dryer (Batch Drying) University Funds
6. Sieve-Tray Distillation column University Funds
7. Jacketed Pan Evaporator Apparatus University Funds
8. Sold-Liquid diffusion Apparatus University Funds
9. Packed Bed Distillation column TEQIP II
10. Fluidized Bed Dryer TEQIP II
11. Batch Crystallizer University Funds
12. York Scheibel’s Column TEQIP II