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In the Department of Computer Science and Technology, two dedicated  labs for Project. The labs are exclusively used by Final year students for their project work. Both these labs consist of computer systems with High End Configuration and relevant licensed software installed on it. All computers are provided with the Internet Facility (10 Mbps Link to the college). The machines are also equipped with UPS power back up and antivirus software, as per the demand of the project group of Final Year students. The necessary networking hardware and software are provided on need basis. The PC’s are purely allocated to project groups for one year period.

Lab consist of a heterogeneous environment such as operating system platforms like Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, flavors of Linux; different IDE’s like .NET, JAVA, Visual Studio, Oracle and so on. The final year students are provided with two dedicated Project Labs having high end desktops for their final year project.

There is a constant attempt made by the department to provide state of the art resources in the lab to meet the demands of the project ideas requiring cutting edge technology. All these labs are well equipped with sufficient number of printers.

Software Laboratory  

Software Lab is used for the study of concepts of Relational Database Management System, Visual Programming, Java, J2SDK and LISP etc. In Semester III and IV Relational Database Management System & Visual Programming Laboratory is conducted here for Third Year students. It is the combination of Visual Basic programming and Relational Database Management concepts, where the actual implementation and designing of Visual Basic as a front end and Database (Oracle 10g) as a backend is covered.

Software Development Tools Lab is aimed to make third year students familiar with Java programming using JDK 1.6, Eclipse, and Software Engineering UML deign diagrams in VGO CASE tool. In  Sem-IV , the students learn to implement web applications using JSP, Tomcat and XML.
The laboratory is well equipped with high end computer systems & peripherals. In this Lab students mainly perform elementary assignments in Computer Lab, and Soft Skills. 

In Semester III, there is a combination of programming assignments from subjects like Principles of Compiler Design, Design & Analysis of Algorithms and Operating systems. In Principles of Compiler Design, students learn to implement various stages of compilation such as Lexical Analysis, Syntax analysis using Lex and YACC on Linux environment provided in this lab.

In Principles of Compiler Design, they learn to implement various algorithmic strategies like divide and conquer, dynamic programming and time and space complexity of given C-programs. ‘Operating systems’ is another core subject. So students here, learn to work in Linux open source operating system environment.

Today, IT professionals work in a global setting with international clients and teams distributed geographically. Due to this, Soft Skills have gained importance. In Second year, students get an opportunity to enhance their leadership qualities, communication, teamwork or presentation skills here in this lab. The computer based presentation and internet is used here along with other activities like Role play, Group discussions, Game playing etc. to develop their soft skills.

Multimedia presentation resources are available here for instructors as well as for student’s presentations which include LCD projector, speakers etc. Other common lab equipment’s include UPS and ample number of printers.


Laboratory In charge: Ms. A. A. Manjarekar, Mrs.S.P.Toraskar

Area of Lab: 66 Sq.m.

Laboratory Utilized by: B. Tech. I & II /M. Tech. I & II                   


Major Equipments & Software List

Sr. No.



Cost in Rs.


Compaq Computer

Configuration: Windows7 Professional 64-bit

Processor : Intel Core i5 2.80GHz

Memory : 16GB



Server(K1) , Server(J1) Lenovo

Type 2 Server, Core Based Server(64bit Enabled)

Processor :Intel 8th Generation Core i5-8400@ 2.80 GHz

Memory : 8GB




Network Switch Cisco 24 Ports




Net Sim Standard Version 7,

Tequip Funded



Total Investment in rupees: 11, 26,366/-


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