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Committee Members

Student Name Class Committee 
 Mr.Hitesh Vivek Joshi  (President)         Final Year   Administration Committee
 Mr.Vishwajeet Ghatage (Vice President)         Third Year   Administration Committee
 Mr.Hrishikesh Nalawade (Secretery)         Second Year    Administration Committee
 Mr.Zikrullah Hawaldar (Head)         Final Year   Sports Committee
 Mr.Sachin Sawant         Final Year   Sports Committee
 Ms.Sneha Shinde         Final Year   Sports Committee
 Ms.Ayesha Shaikh         Final Year   Sports Committee
 Mr.Nilesh Halge         Third Year   Sports Committee
 Ms.Ankita Shringare         Third Year   Sports Committee
 Mr.Ranjit Kamble         Third Year   Sports Committee
 Mr.Onkar Nimadge         Second Year   Sports Committee
 Mr.Yash Bookshet         Second Year   Sports Committee
 Ms.Shivika Ojha         Second Year   Sports Committee
 Ms.Pranoti Shende         Second Year   Sports Committee
 Mr.Abhishek Kulkarni (Head)         Final year   Discipline Committee
 Ms.Shraddha Jadhav         Final year   Discipline Committee
 Mr.Anil Solankar         Final year   Discipline Committee
 Ms.Salonee Maurya         Final year   Discipline Committee
 Mr.Sushant Kamble         Third Year   Discipline Committee
 Ms.Aishwarya Jaiswal         Third Year   Discipline Committee
 Ms.Vibha Mulik         Third Year   Discipline Committee
 Ms.Sheetal Asore         Second Year   Discipline Committee
 Ms.Nikita Shinde         Second Year   Discipline Committee
 Mr.Vaibhav Pujari         Second Year   Discipline Committee
 Mr.Mandar Patil (Head)         Final year   Training & Placement Committee
 Mr.Yash Pawar         Final year   Training & Placement Committee
 Mr.Sanat Taori         Final year   Training & Placement Committee
 Ms.Ankita Zadbuke         Final year   Training & Placement Committee
 Ms.Kalyani Pawar         Third Year   Training & Placement Committee
 Mr.Harshwardhan Patil         Third Year   Training & Placement Committee
 Ms.Shilpa Bomble         Third Year   Training & Placement Committee
 Mr.Ruturaj Jadhav         Second Year   Training & Placement Committee
 Mr.Sarvesh Patil         Second Year   Training & Placement Committee
 Ms.Sakshi Singh         Second Year   Training & Placement Committee
 Mr.Satish Shewale (Head)         Final year   Cultural Committee
 Mr.Samarth Chavan         Final year   Cultural Committee
 Ms.Gauri Gadhave         Final year   Cultural Committee
 Mr.Avinash Dhatunde         Final year   Cultural Committee
 Ms.Astha Kashyap         Third Year   Cultural Committee
 Mr.Shubham Lohar         Third Year   Cultural Committee
 Mr.Prakhar Salwe         Third Year   Cultural Committee
 Ms.Priyambada Roul         Second Year   Cultural Committee
 Ms.Sonia Ghatage         Second Year   Cultural Committee
 Mr.Atharv patil         Second Year   Cultural Committee
Mr. Shivam Changotra Third Year    Cultural Committee
 Mr.Ganesh Vishwanath Jadhav (Head)         Final year   Academic Committee
 Mr.Bhikaji Kamble         Final year   Academic Committee
 Ms.Akanksha Sontakke         Final year   Academic Committee
 Ms.Harshada Bhokare         Final year   Academic Committee
 Mr.Yash Hiray         Third Year   Academic Committee
 Ms.Ashlesha More         Third Year   Academic Committee
 Ms.Richa Patil         Third Year   Academic Committee
 Ms.Rutuja Santikar         Second Year   Academic Committee
 Mr.Aniket Mahure         Second Year   Academic Committee
 Mr.Shubham Bedre (Head)         Final year   Finance Committee
 Ms.Sheetal Kulkarni         Final year   Finance Committee
 Mr.Yatish Bharambe         Final year   Finance Committee
 Ms.Priyanka Pote         Final year   Finance Committee
 Mr.Akash Bhosale         Third Year   Finance Committee
 Mr.Akhil Salgotra         Third Year   Finance Committee
 Ms.Vrushali Sawant         Third Year   Finance Committee
 Mr.Prasad Choudhari         Third Year   Finance Committee
 Ms.Shivani Bhosale         Second Year   Finance Committee
 Mr.Shrinivas Kumbhar         Second Year   Finance Committee