B.Tech Electronics


Department at a glance:

UG programmeB.Tech (Electronics & Communication Technology) started in 2008 with intake capacity of 60 students. Electronics & Communication Technology curriculum covers all aspects of modern electronics engineering like telecommunication engineering, digital communications, embedded systems, VLSI design, digital image processing, signal processing, power electronics, robotics etc. The syllabus is based on strong foundation of electronics aspects and mathematics with emphasis given on analytical treatment, circuit design, simulation and system development. Students of Electronics & Communication Technology works on micro project, mini project, major project along with seminar presentations. Department have fully equipped laboratories with Licensed versions of state of the arts software like MATLAB 2013b,LabView from National Instruments, Hyperlinx IE3D antenna design software, XilinkVivado System Edition, ISE 14 etc. All laboratories are well equipped with investment on equipment over 4 Crores. Faculty members of department are highly qualified and experienced. Department takes extra efforts on students for preparation of GATE and Competitive examinations. Guest lectures on personality development, logical and analytical reasoning, aptitude tests are very common.Apart from academics department organizes various university level technical symposiums like E-Fest, Tech Fest under which competitions like Robot Race, Robot war, project competition, Poster presentation etc. are held. Alumni of department are placed at MNCs, many of them are pursuing higher education in Engineering/Technology/Management in India as well as abroad.

Mission and Vision of the Department

VISION: Imparting quality technical education to students through research, innovation and teamwork for a lasting technology development in the area of Electronics, Electronics& Telecommunication Engineering and to become an exemplary professional of high ethics. 

MISSION: To Provide the Students a Rigorous Learning Experience in understanding of Electronics Engineering built on the Foundation of Science, Mathematics, Computing and Technology by Emphasizing active learning with Strongly Supported Laboratory Component and prepare them for Professional Careers. 

Programme Educational Objectives

1) Development of skilled technocrats for improvement of quality of life in society. 
2) To develop an ability among the students to provide the solution on specific problem within realistic constraints.
3) To encourage students for excellence in research, academics, administration, entrepreneurship, leadership and other areas to serve the nation.
4) To develop students with high integrity, character and moral ethics.

Programme Outcomes

a) To develop ability among students to simulate, design, fabricate and test the circuits and systems. 
b) Gaining knowledge of basic sciences and mathematics and to apply it to solve real life problems.
c) To publish research papers in reputed international / national journals and conferences.
d) To develop ability to work on multi-disciplinary projects.
e) Well familiarity and expertise in handling software utility programs and newly emerged hardware devices like Tablet PCs.
f) Development of soft skills like oral, verbal communication, public speaking, business etiquettes and manners, group discussions, personal interviews.
g)  Understanding of social, political, health and cultural issues.
h) To provide hands on training to the students to make them aware with emerging trends in technology.
i) Familiarity with research techniques.

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