B.Tech Electronics


Laboratories of B. Tech Electronics and Communication Technology program

* CENTER OF EXCELLENCE in EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND VLSI DESIGN in Collaboration with Coreel Technologies and Xilinx 

Sr. No.

Name of Laboratory

Lab In-charge

Equipment , Software


Embedded systems and VLSI Design Laboratory (Center of Excellence)

Dr. S. B. Chavan

Educational trainer kits - Xilinx  zynq 7000 series FPGA, Ultrascale, ZedBoards, Xilinx Vivado System Edition, Mentor Graphics PCB pad software, 8051,PIC,AVR,ARM series microcontroller trainer kits, development boards, IDEs- Keil uVision, MPLAB, Proteus, Multisim, 8085 microprocessor educational trainer kits, interfacing kits, Xilinx CPLD & FPGAs boards, ISE 13, Digital Electronics, PV power terminals,


Communication Engineering  Laboratory-1

Mr. A. A. Dum

Educational trainer kits - Analog communication, digital communication, modulation/ demodulation schemes, optical fibre communication, Television Engineering, Antennas and radar engineering, mobile communication, Power Electronics


Communication Engineering  Laboratory-2

Mr. K. B. Dalavi

Educational trainer kits - Microwave Engineering, Satellite Communication, Measurement Techniques,

Softwares- MATLAB, LabView, IE3D Antenna Design, Xilinx Vivado System Edition


Programming and Simulation Laboratory

Mr. U. A. Patil

Computer Network trainer kits, Computers

Simulation Softwares- MultiSim, MATLAB, C,C++ programming


Project Laboratory-1

Mr. A. A. Shirolkar

Measuring instruments, Consumable items, computers, PCB laboratory, TV trainer kits


Circuit Design Laboratory

Mr. P. V. Sawant

Educational Trainer Kits- Sensors & Signal conditioning, bridges, Speed , pressure, weight measurement


Project Laboratory-2

Dr. U. L. Bombale

Softwares- MATLAB, LabView, IE3D Antenna Design, Xilinx Vivado System Edition


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