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The department of food technology is started in view of demand from food and allied industries of wastern Maharashtra. At present the department is    financially supported by Shivaji University, Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MFPI), University Grant Commission (UGC) and Department of Science and Technology (DST) of worth Rs. 1.5 Crores. In the course curriculum various subjects in like Fruits and Vegetable Processing Technology, Cereal and Bakery, Confectionery, Dairy, Legume and Oilseed Technology, Meat Poultry and Fish Processing Technology, Food Process Engineering etc. have been given special emphasis. Consultancy service is provided for new production development, analysis of samples and project proposals to start new business


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):


Students are expected to have strong


To produce competent graduates who shall Pursue careers in the field of food processing, quality control, new product development and techno-marketing


Graduates are expected to be equipped with innovative ideas, project management skills which will make them entrepreneur


To prepare graduates who will apply the technical knowledge and know-how to solve the problems related to food processing and preservation for the benefit oflocal region and of the country at large


To get ready graduates who will be effective experts in government, academia, research and consulting firms in the field of food engineering and technology

Program Outcomes (POs)


Graduates will have an ability to apply knowledge in mathematics, food science, food engineering and technology


Graduates will have an ability to know the fundamental chemistry with respect to properties and reactions of various food components and will have sufficient knowledge to control reactions  in foods during processing and storage


Graduates will have an ability to spot and resolve the problems in the actual situation during food processing, food quality controlling, food packaging and storage


Graduates will have an ability to express practical proficiency in a food analysis laboratory.


Graduates will have a knowledge of food pathogens and spoilage microorganisms and will have an ability to inactivate or killing of food microorganism or food pathogens


Graduates will have an ability of designing and development of food products as per need of society


Graduates will have an ability to communicate effectively for self development    


Graduates will have know ledge ofquality management system and will have an ability to apply in food processing industries


Graduates will have knowledge ofrules and regulations of food hygiene and sanitation and will able to apply for safe and nutritious food processing


Graduate will have knowledge and ability of industrial economics and management of food industries


Graduates will be recognized as food technologists as a responsible technocrats who impact society through their knowledge and actions


Graduates will have a perceptive of professional and ethical responsibility

Program Specific Outcomes(PSOs)


Graduates will apply the knowledge of food chemistry, food preservation, food processing and food packaging for the effective utilization of agricultural commodities to develop healthy and nutritious food


Graduates will design the equipments for the modernization of traditional food process methods


Graduates will apply principles from the various aspects of food technology and related disciplines to solve practical and real-world problems


Gradates will able to develop quality food processes by considering cost, safety and health aspects