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Mechanical engineers are essential to almost every industry. It is in fact difficult to imagine a modern industry without the services of Mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineering has been and continues to be a corner stone in every new technical development. The job of Mechanical engineers usually involves design, feasibility studies, cost analysis studies, installation, operation, and maintenance of plants, processes, or equipment. The focusing of the Mechanical engineering department is on teaching, community service, and research. The department faculty recognizes the need to provide the graduating engineer with the appropriate background in order to meet the challenges and large demands of a fast growing country. The department of Mechanical engineering mission is to provide education of quality, research, and community services that cover a broad spectrum of mechanical engineering areas. These areas include evaluation, design, operation, and maintenance of integrated governmental, industrial, and service systems.

Vision :

The mechanical engineering department aims to be recognized locally, regionally and internationally as a leading department providing high quality programs and services in mechanical engineering fields.

Mission :

The mechanical engineering department seeks to meet the needs of the society and the region with outstanding mechanical engineering programs in education, research, and community service.

Educational Objectives. 

1. Preparation of the graduates to have a successful career as mechanical engineers in governmental and private sectors.

2. Preparation of the graduates to pursue their professional development through self learning and advanced degrees.

3. Preparation of the graduates to progress to positions of leadership in their profession.

4. Preparation of the graduates to effectively participate in the sustainable development of the Society.

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