M.Tech Electronics



1) Development of skilled technocrats by encouraging students to acquiring engineering knowledge and communication skills. 
2) To develop an ability among the students to provide the solution on specific problem within realistic constraints. 
3) To encourage students for excellence in research, academics, higher studies, administration, entrepreneurship, leadership and other areas to serve the nation. 
4) To develop students with high integrity, character and moral ethics.


A. Application of fundamental knowledge/concepts for streaming all the multi­disciplinary aspects of engineering.          

B. Implementation of various methodologies for analyzing real world problems in a constrained environment to get solution for the problem.

C. To work in a multi disciplinary environment an ability to design, simulate, test and fabricate the circuits and system developed for a particular application.

D. Ability to identify, formulate and solve complex real world problems.

E. Use different licensed and FOSS (Free Open Source Software) tools implementation for design and development of engineering applications.

F. Understanding of social, political, health and cultural issues.

G. Implement the design and solutions to the problem having environmental consideration with sustainability.

H. Follow professional and ethical responsibilities.

I. Communicate in disciplinary and multidisciplinary teams.

J. Recognition need for and an ability to engage in lifelong learning.

K. To undertake project apply the principle of financial management.

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