M.Tech Energy


VISION: To become a leader in engineering and technology, a research centre of global standards to    provide the valuable resource for industry, society and to develop technical human resources.


  • To undertake collaborative research projects that offer opportunities for consistent interaction with industries.
  • To organize teaching programs to facilitate the development of competent and committed professionals for practice, research and teaching.
  • To develop technocrats of international stature committed to the task of nation build.


Program Educational Objectives

  • To provide program specific knowledge including intensive training in problem solving, laboratory, design and communication skills.
  • To give exposure to students for excellence in research, academics, higher studies, administration, entrepreneurship, leadership and other areas.
  • To develop students with high integrity, character and moral ethics.
  • Graduates of the program will continue to learn and to adopt in the world of constant evolving technology.

Program Outcomes

  • Ability to analyze and solve complex technical problems through the application of the engineering knowledge. 
  • Ability to analyze critically engineering problems by use of multi disciplinary knowledge for creative solutions. 
  • Match and develop scientific and technological knowledge in one or more domains of engineering through research and development. 
  • Ability to integrate and evaluate wide range of optimal solutions considering public health, safety, cultural societal and environmental factors. 
  • Deliver professional and ethical responsibilities. 
  • Ability to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practices. 
  • Acquire knowledge of contemporary issues for collaborative multidisciplinary work of national and international repute. 
  • Ability to communicate confidently and effectively.
  • Ability to engage in lifelong learning
  • Apply engineering, management and financial techniques in real time.
  • Lead independently, technical knowledge based society.

Department Advisory Board Committee

Sr. No. Name of Committee Member Designation
1 Dr. G.S. Kulkarni Director
2 Mr. N.N.Shinde Program Coordinator
3 Mr. M.M.Wagh Faculty Member
4 Mr. Vijay Desai Industry Representative
5 Mr. Kiran Ghume Alumni Representative
6 Mr. Uday Mathpati Student Representative

Program Assessment Committee

Sr. No. Name of Committee Member Designation
1 Mr. N.N.Shinde Program Coordinator
2 Mr. M.M.Wagh Faculty Member
3 Dr. C.H.Bhosale External Member
4 Dr. P.S.Patil External Member

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